Sky Eagle Co. has specialized in developing and manufacturing all kinds of circumgyration-formed plastic articles especially for outstanding intensified water tank, intensified plastic tank, garbage duct, safety fence, dyeing tank and conveying tank.


Accredited by Environmental Protection Administration

Pre-building sewage No. 0273

First national biochemical sewage disposal equipment, super compact and unique functions

Registered by Bureau of National standards, MOEA

Patent no: 107358 ( ROC )

Patent no: ZL95227800.6 ( ROC )

Trademark no. 00674700 (ROC )

Professional design --- excellent biochemical treatment, also a revolutionist of sewage channel material and function.

GOODNICE --- Pre-casting sewage disposal equipment and accessories

Pre-casting building sewage disposal performance comparison list

Brand Space occupation Weight Material Eco-friendly Leakage Maintenance and cleaning Functions Grease Price

compact for simple installation

 light, no need of crane.

PE ply material, hard, straight, firm, lightweight, acid/alkali resistance, good chemical resistance, strong strikeproof, tensile strength and steel tenacity.

causes non harm to environment during production process and usage, can be recycled.

decades of professional R&D, special process experience for production. Mold is firm against crack and leakage after high temp. one-piece forming for long service life.

simple design and equipment for easy installation and maintenance.

 Uses biochemical treatment imported from Germany and USA. Efficiency higher than the regulation.

high elimination exceeding the standard, no obstruction

Large quantities have discount from market price.


big and clumsy size for difficult installation.

heavy, needs crane to carry, costs a lot.

fair chemical resistance, weak strikeproof

1.Cannot decompose but oxides to cause second pollution. Advanced countries weed it out by degrees and use other alternatives.

2. Cannot be recycled.

mostly handmade, joint is subject to crack and leakage by external damage

complicated equipment of heavy-duty size baffles the non-professional to install and maintain it.


unknown as no practical test data of operation on the spot

1. Cannot eliminate oil, which will produces oil cake causing obstruction

2. Oil floats on the water generating anaerobe, mass methane and thick odor.

quality may be rejected if low price is accepted under aggressive competition.

Pre-casting building sewage disposal performance

Model: 10PS(10 persons)


Material: PE ply material( eco-friendly )

Eco-friendly septic tank

Scene view

general horizontal installation for fire laneupper 4 inch cleaning cover irregular terrain can be separately installed to shape or shape

gas pipe to blower

Model No. of serving people water disposal volume Total length of tank Total width of tank Total height of tank Total volume Total effective volume Specification of all tank units
life sewage CMD


pipe connection not included


The widest

The highest





A-type tank ( cm )

Bio-reaction of uniform mixing

B-type tank ( cm )

Biochemical treatment

C-type tank ( cm )

Biochemical treatment

10-PS 10 2.5









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