Sky Eagle Co. has specialized in developing and manufacturing all kinds of circumgyration-formed plastic articles especially for outstanding intensified water tank, intensified plastic tank, garbage duct, safety fence, dyeing tank and conveying tank.

Barricade( single/double-faced ) and traffic cone & barrel

Features: special material of super lightweight and mobility, bright and sharp color for good alert and warning.

Applications: safety island, road construction warning, temporary site fencing, all kinds of temporary barriers for exposition.


single Barricade

double-faced Barricade

traffic cone barrel

Garbage dredge duct ( straight garbage pipeline, Y-shape garbage pipeline )

Features: special material features impact resistance and brittleless for intact structure in long-term use. Easy installation and connection for fast and simple building garbage dump.


Tall building garbage dump and goods conveyance

straight garbage pipeline Y-shape garbage pipeline

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